Since 1955

Welcome to Humboldt Archers. We are a club for those who enjoy or want to learn archery in or close to Humboldt County in California, here on the beautiful redwood coast.

Humboldt Archery Club has been a meeting place for redwood coast archery enthusiasts for over 60 years. We are a great place for everyone from beginner to Olympic-class.

Some of us are bow hunters. Some us are serious competitors. Some of us just like to learn to shoot our bows. Some of us have fancy competition grade compound bows. Some have very simple recurve bows, and you can find every level in between. We have members at all skill levels, from novice to serious competitors. All our events are family-oriented. If you have children, bring them to an outdoor shoot! If you are a child or teenager, bring your parents to an outdoor shoot!